A Happy Wife, A Happy Life

I am very happy that readers have expressed interest in my wife’s perspective on the topics discussed in my posts. So I am pleased to announce that my wife will be guest authoring in the future! It will be and eye opener to learn about the viewpoint of the woman who's married to a gay man. I hope readers will either learn something new, or feel validated when you find an underlying principle that applies to you because perhaps your loved one has struggled, suffered, or felt pained in someway, and surely it must affect you in some way too, right?

Now, to the purpose of this post: a SNEAK PEAK!

Check out the sneak peak into what a future post from my wife will be like! BY THE HEDGES Photo + Video interviewed she and I shortly before we were married last year. Now is a great time to share this video in order to answer in a different way some questions we have received ("did she know before you were married?" "what's going to happen now?" etc.) and hopefully generate more questions. Maybe we answer one of yours in the video below.

Videography by the dynamic duo husband and wife team:

BY THE HEDGES Photo + Video

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